Archeologia in cucina - Unearthing ancient recipes

Venice has always been a culinary melting pot and avantguarde in cooking with exotic yet healthy ingredients. What happened then …

95% ot thousand-year old knowledge on food and cooking, healthy recipes based on herbs and spices has been relocated in libraries. Convents, public (Archivio di Stato, for example) and private libraries houses thousands of books and documentation. Can we save this unique know-how - there's much coming in useful for us these days ...

That's my primary reason for which I'm starting this project. I'm curious - I practically grew up with Grandmother books from the convent library she inherited when she bought her house.
There are quite a few culinary journals amongst them as well. Spectacularlyeasy recipes, healthy, cleansing and delicious. I'm learning so much every single day I spend sighting those books. The undervalued, forgotten, fantastic know-how of the Venetian spice merchants and pharmacies. I spezieri, who collected, assembled and extended unique knowledge from the Levant. 
pomegranate tree

Unearthing this forgotten Venetian knowhow, which sometimes includes recipes that go back to ancient Greece,  is ONE obvious and easy solution to eat healty and at the same time, prevent long-term diseases and/or let food act as cure. Of course, the Venetian diet is not the only one able to bring on health, but it's ours. Yes, selfsufficiency in the Lagoon was not an art but necessity. 

We will tell more about this unique culinary heritage during our annual Venice Garden brunch and delicious dinner in two of the most beautiful gardens in Venice. Or, sign up for one of our online retreats which you can see + book here, and in real retreats from fall 2019.

We will send the program one year ahead, in November 2018. If are interested, sign up for our Monthly Postcard from Venice - email magazine here!




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