Silent Spring in Venice

Clashing colors. Overcrowded summer. Anxious outcries. Cruise ships failing twice, and an agitated community. Devastating press and blurred responsibilities. By early summer 2019, Venice had become a sad synomym of overtourism and negligence and even those Venetians who really love their city became fatigued.

And then, when the temperatures fell in the fall, the ultimate catastrophe - the floods of 12-17 November 2019, putting life at risk in Venice, threatening our businesses, especially those few not depending on tourism. The flood devoured ancient gardens. The fragility of life in Venice showed, and all hopes were put into a clement 2020, and into a healing process nobody knew where it would come from. Yet again, Venice was hit, just before the Christmas festivities began, by yet another serious flood. And the international press became acid like never before. 

But was Venice ready to heal, or who was going to take responsibility to build the city from ground up? The sad truth is, it wasn't the case, and it seemed like.

Another truth is that the way the people living here in Venice see a different reality from the reputation Venice had been gaining, when all failures. Those people, not present on social media, never promoted by bloggers, who are happy to do their work behind the scenes. From the beginning we decided to go that other path, and show readers a glimpse of the real Venice, from the point of view of Venetians born, bred and living in the historical city.

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